When Joe Morten, Sr. wrote his first insurance policy in 1936, it chartered a new course for his business.

His focus on over-the-road truckers immediately set him apart from other insurance companies. As word spread throughout the trucking industry of the company’s unique approach to writing policies based on the needs of each individual customer as well as the exceptional service each client received, the business flourished.

In 1956 Great West Casualty Company was formed as a direct result of the successful endeavors of Joe Morten and his son who had joined the business a few years earlier. The focus of Great West Casualty was on the operations of an insurance company such as underwriting and claims.

Over the years, Great West Casualty Company has established a reputation for itself as becoming one of America’s largest insurers of trucking companies. It has partnerships with a select group of independent agencies across the company with the Joe Morten & Son, Inc. agencies making up the majority of its business.

Great West is a member of the Old Republic group of insurance companies. Old Republic International Corporation ranks among the nation’s 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations with a substantial interest in major segments of the industry.

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