Safety Awards

To help you keep your workforce motivated to continuously monitor safety and achieve the highest standards of safety, we invite you to participate in the Great West Casualty Company Safety Awards Programs. These awards recognize trucking companies that have shown a commitment to safety and risk management.

All awards are furnished at no cost to our customers, and they’re a great way to recognize your team’s performance.

Below is a brief summary of the programs; more detailed information is available upon request.

National Fleet Safety Awards

Eligibility: Any insured that operates five or more trucks (as defined by your policy) and maintains primary Liability Coverage for at least nine months.

Submissions: Simply record your preventable crashes and miles driven each month. At the end of the year, fill out the crash frequency chart and fax, mail, or email to your regional safety office.

National Fleet Safety Award Booklet
National Fleet Safety Award Electronic Submission Form

Workplace Safety Awards

Eligibility: Insureds with five or more power units and current Workers Compensation coverage.

Rules: Simply record any incidents that occur throughout the year. At the end of the year, tally the incidents and total hours your employees worked (as required by OSHA), then complete the incident rate chart and fax, mail, or email it to your regional safety office.

Workplace Safety Award Booklet
Workplace Safety Award Electronic Submission Form

Safe Driver Awards

Our Safe Driver Awards Program recognizes drivers who operate their equipment crash-free. A Safe Driving Pin and Certificate of Achievement are awarded to drivers for each year of driving without a preventable crash. A Safe Driving plaque is presented in recognition of ten years (or one million miles), fifteen years, and twenty years of driving without a preventable crash.

Eligibility: A Great West insured

Submissions:  Simply complete the Safe Driving Awards – Click Here For Request Form. When finished, fax or email a copy to your Great West Casualty Company Regional Safety Services department. We ask that you send us your request at least 30 days in advance of when you will present and award to your driver(s).

Safe Driver Award Booklet