Partnering with Joe Morten & Son for your Workers Compensation coverage gives you the advantage of having an experienced team on your side. Our Workers Compensation coverage, through Great West Casualty Company, offers the broadest coverage available, providing All States coverage. Our team of underwriters is focused on the trucking industry and provides a range of policies, structured to meet your needs.

Our years of experience dedicated to insuring the trucking industry mean you get a proactive team of risk management specialists that can provide resources to help you prevent and reduce injuries and keep your workforce healthy and productive. And in the event of an incident, our adjusters will make sure they address any concerns you may have about a claim, and they’ll help get your injured employee back to work as soon as possible.

Plus, we also provide a selection of policy options to choose from.


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Additional Services

In addition to the variety of Workers Compensation programs that are available, Joe Morten & Son, Inc. through its affiliation with Great West Casualty Company, strive to help customers by providing resources to control the frequency and severity of workplace safety.

Your Employee Safety Is Our Top Concern

Our team of proactive risk management and safety specialist work with you and your crew to help you avoid the likelihood of a claim. We offer services to our policyholders such as:

  • “What-if” scenarios to help you calculate the cost of potential losses based on e-mod (actual claims experiences from similar businesses that are a similar size). This helps you assess if you need risk improvements.
  • Safety programs specific to the trucking industry, like Truckers Injury Prevent Strategies (TIPS) and, Value-Driven® Life (a Value-Driven® Company program.
  • Access to safety supplies and a video learning library.
  • Driver/personnel meetings focused on incident prevention through behavior modification.
  • Online access to safety materials like posters and newsletters.
  • Customized safety seminars.
  • Access to OSHA materials including inspections, training seminars, communication materials, injury record logs and regulatory information.

Unparalleled Workers Compensation Claim Services

Our team of workers compensation professionals delivers unparalleled claims management and customer service.

We make it a point to keep our adjuster caseloads low so that they have the time they need to dedicate the attention your claim deserves. You can expect prompt and comprehensive investigations to ensure appropriate, sound decisions and timely extension of benefits to help reduce the chance of litigated claims. You’ll find our team’s approach is proactive, outcome-focused, results-oriented and conducted in an empathetic and professional manner.

Our adjusters will reach out to an injured employee within 24 hours after an incident is reported, in most cases. They’ll follow up regularly with your business, the worker, the physician and our staff medical advisor to ensure effective and efficient medical and disability management. Our team’s attention to the details, ability to utilize multiple cost-saving techniques and focus on maintaining close communication with the injured worker and your business means the best possible outcome for your employee and your bottom line.

Claims can be submitted 24/7 through our claims reporting number 800-228-8040.


  • Prompt and comprehensive investigations
  • Access to a multi-PPO network to help contain costs
  • A network of nearly 55,000 pharmacies to provide convenient, cost-effective, timely prescriptions for injured workers
  • Pharmacy bill review
  • Medical bill review
  • Use of evidence-based resources (like the Official Disability Guidelines - ODG) to ensure proper treatment guidelines are used to help return injured employees back to work in a timely and safe manner
  • Assistance with light and transitional return-to-work options