Flexible Reporting Options

We also offer you the flexibility of two physical damage reporting methods based on the size of your operation.

Equipment Value Method

Your annual premium is based on the actual cash value of your equipment at the time your policy is issued. We can break down your premiums into more manageable monthly payments adjusted according to your equipment’s depreciation schedule and the value of new, substituted or deleted equipment as of your reporting date.

Installment Premiums for Smaller Carriers

If you are a smaller carrier, we also offer installment premium payment plans based on having:

    • Nine or fewer units
    • Less than $1 million in revenue
    • Less than one million miles

Get the Savings of Our Single Deductible Endorsement

When you have an accident and sustain damage to your tractor, trailer and cargo, you could face as many as three deductibles. Our Single Deductible Endorsement allows you to consolidate those into one deductible, reducing your out-of-pocket costs.

For example, in a typical situation, you could have a deductible of $2,500 on your tractor, a deductible of $2,500 on your trailer and a cargo deductible of $2,500. If you experience a covered loss, instead of paying $7,500 in combined deductibles for your claim, you’d just be responsible for the single highest deductible — in this case, $2,500.

We include this Single Deductible Endorsement is part of our regular package policy at no extra charge to you.

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