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FMCSA Unified Registration System Implementation Delayed

According to the FMCSA website, the implementation date of the final stage of the Unified Registration System (URS) will be extended beyond the original January 14, 2017 deadline that was announced last fall. An announcement on the FMCSA website states: “The additional time is needed to securely[...]

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Plan A Sober Ride This Holiday Season: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

Holiday Partiers Should Plan for a Sober Ride.

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Selecting the Right Electronic Logging Device

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) commercial motor carriers currently using paper logs will be required to use ELDs by December 18, 2017. Motor carriers currently using automated on-board records, or AOBRs, have an additional two years to meet the ELD mandate.[...]

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The Hazards of Stopping on Highway Shoulders

In the trucking industry, stopping along a busy highway due to an emergency may be necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes how dangerous this can be for the truck driver and motoring public. Due to the severe risk this poses, management should encourage drivers not to stop along the[...]

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Driving in High Winds

Tractortrailers have a high center of gravity that makes them vulnerable to strong crosswinds. While in motion, this can possibly lead to one of two “Critical Crashes”: lane change or loss of control. A lane change crash can occur if the high winds push the unit out of its lane and into an[...]

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Margin of Safety

In financial markets, Margin of Safety is a principle in which an investor purchases securities when the market price is significantly below the estimated intrinsic value. The difference between the market price and the estimated intrinsic value is the margin of safety. To ensure a proper margin[...]

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Cargo Theft Prevention Tips: Don't Let It Happen to You

Cargo theft continues to plague the transportation industry. It may seem that cargo theft is a victimless crime, but in actuality it affects all of us because manufacturers price their goods to include a theft component.

While there are several estimates of how much is taken in cargo thefts[...]

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Stay Hydrated: Say No to Soda, Yes to Water!

Sugary drinks are not an alternative to water and are a significant contributing factor in weight gain. A 24 oz. Mountain Dew contains 330 calories and 87 grams (approximately 22 teaspoons) of sugar. Consider that some drivers might drink 2-3 of these or other soda drinks per day. This adds up[...]

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