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It's That Time of Year Again! Quick Review of School Zone Safety

Yes, school is back in session and that means school zone safety.

We have all heard it said, “The biggest worries in school zones are caused by the smallest people.” Children see traffic from their own little world. A child develops a sense of danger around nine or ten years of age. Unlike[...]

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The Essential 7 Work Practices

Truck drivers, mechanics, and office workers were asked to identify the skills they felt were most effective in preventing workplace injuries. They agreed on the Essential 7 Work Practices. Read the information below and ask yourself how you can improve your work habits to protect yourself from[...]

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Back To Basics

In the frenzied pace of motor carrier operations, it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of fundamentals. For any business, three key elements are crucial to success: communication, teamwork, and planning. Revisiting each of these elements periodically is healthy for the[...]

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Preventing Lane Change Crashes

Lane change crashes can often be prevented if the truck driver recognizes the hazards that increase the risk of a crash and applies the right defensive driving techniques. Read the information below then ask yourself how you can improve your driving to prevent lane change crashes.

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How To Avoid The Four Critical Crashes

Critical crashes typically result in severe losses and can be catastrophic for everyone involved. Preventing critical crashes requires drivers to recognize the hazards that increase the odds of a crash, know the defense, and to react properly. Read the information below, and ask yourself how you[...]

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How To Protect Yourself From Fall-Related Injuries

Falling from an elevated position, such as the truck, a ladder, or even an open service pit, can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Read the information below about fall hazards and the recommended defense techniques, and then ask yourself how you can change your work habits to protect[...]

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Why You Should Make Road Test Part of the Hiring Process

One of the most important responsibilities a motor carrier has is to hire qualified drivers. This critical task, if conducted haphazardly or not performed at all, could have a negative ripple effect across the company and affect productivity, downtime, morale, expenses, and profitability. Due[...]

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What You Need To Know When Uncoupling A Trailer

Working around the truck can be just as dangerous to a driver as getting involved in a crash. One daily task a driver performs is uncoupling the trailer. This activity, if performed improperly, can result in shoulder and back strains, head injuries (e.g., cuts, abrasions, and concussions), as[...]

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It's Time To Discuss Summer Driving Hazards

Summer is here, and a new set of driving hazards is sure to raise a driver’s stress level as fast as the temperature gets warmer. Operations personnel are likely to be the only friendly voice a driver hears during the day. This makes dispatchers, driver managers, and safety personnel important[...]

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Prevent Cargo Theft Over the Holiday

Motor carriers should be mindful of the increased risk of theft as the holiday approaches. Fewer employees around the facility and warehouses and trailers potentially full of valuable cargo, makes for a target-rich environment to would-be thieves. Here are some loss prevention tips that can help[...]

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