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Risk Analysis: Steer-Tire Blowout

With the technology built into tires on the road today, the chances of experiencing a steer-tire blowout or rapid air-loss event may be less likely, but it is still a risk drivers should be prepared for. A driver’s initial response to a steer-tire blowout could be the difference between a minor[...]

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Operations' Role in Avoiding ELD Issues

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are here. Operations staff play an integral role in helping drivers plan efficiently and schedule their time to operate within the boundaries of the hours-of-service regulations. With the transition from paper logs to ELDs, a driver’s day must be calculated down[...]

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Get the Facts:  Move Over.  It's the Law.

Learn these facts about the “Move Over” law so you can do your part to protect those who protect you. It’s not just the law—it’s the right thing to do.

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Tractor-trailers are generally low-stability vehicles with a high center of gravity; their structure makes them particularly susceptible to rollover crashes. Unfortunately, when these factors are coupled with a combination of unsafe driving behaviors (usually steering input and speed), as well[...]

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Click It or Ticket: Make Seat Belt Use a Daily Habit

In 2016, more than 32 million people failed to buckle up while in their vehicles—that’s nearly 10 percent of drivers and passengers. Decades ago, we learned about the life-saving importance of the seat belt, and since that time, states across the nation have required people to buckle up when[...]

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Sharing the Roadways with Motorcycles

Throughout the course of the year, professional truck drivers share the roadways with all types of vehicles; one of these types is motorcycles. 

The 2015 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Safety Facts" website reveals the following statistics about motorcycles: 

  • Motorcycles make[...]
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J. J. Keller Discounts for Great West Casualty Company Insureds

Exclusive Discounts for Great West Casualty Company Insureds

Now it's easier than ever to save 10%!

Rely on a trusted name for your safety and compliance products.  J. J. Keller is the most trusted name in transportation safety and compliance. And now you can take advantage of exclusive savings[...]

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Tail-Swing Crashes

Imagine it is a sunny and clear day, and one of your company trucks is traveling on a four-lane, divided roadway. The driver is behind the wheel of a sleeper unit pulling a 53-foot dry van trailer with tandem axles slid to the upmost forward position. This is to provide easier cornering and[...]

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Time to Discuss Spring Driving Hazards

Spring is around the corner! Flowers will be blooming, birds will start singing, and motor carriers may be exhaling a collective sigh of relief now that winter is mostly in the rearview mirror. But while things are looking up, now is not the time to relax one’s safety posture. The arrival of[...]

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Ask The Safety Rep: ELDs During Personal Use

If a driver is permitted to use a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for personal reasons, how must the driving time be recorded with an ELD?

Good question! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) do not provide a specific regulation on this matter, but the guidance in 49 C.F.R. §[...]

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